Specialized services that will enable the client to have flexible choices amongst a pool of talented and dedicated individuals with their different crafts and skills working towards the success of the client’s business. We have outsourced staffing solutions from short-term project-based packages to full term staff leasing. Our packages are made simple & designed to deliver the desired results which will cost you the lowest rate in the industry.

Web Development

Web Development Services that help business expand into the internet, not only using primary and basic sources but as well as establishing traffic, appearance and easy navigation for prospective clients, these services include: Web Design,CSS/ HTML Coding, Web Programming, E-Commerce and CMS Integration.

Design and Multimedia

Design and Multimedia Services where our staff will be able to come up with a design and concept based from the client’s perspective. These Services include: Graphic Designs, Logo Designs, Print Design, Animation and Cartoonist.

Media Writers

We have writers and correspondents with above-average English composition skills, able to transcribe and condense video or audio content recorded in local accents. We are detail-oriented, punctual, and accurate, deeply collaborated and coordinated with short-term and long-term team goals. Whether you want content transcribed verbatim or in context, we’ll provide and develop skilled writers for you.

Writing and SEO

Writing and SEO Specialization that enables to fill the business with its most crucial parts. Search Engine Optimization is a way where our client’s business will be held for traffic and more reviews on the internet and draws the client’s attention to the business. With Writing and SEO, offers Link Building, Page optimization, Technical Writing, Website Content, Blog and Article Writing,
Creative Writing and SEO Copywriting.

Admin and Support

Administration and Support which enables clients to sit back and relax while we do our part. These services include, Data Entry, Web Research and Transcription.

Networking and Information System

Networking and Information System where navigation through out your online based server happens to be easy and worry-free. These Services include DBA, Server Administration and ERP/CRM.