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BPOs and COVID-19; Keeping Business as Usual in Pandemic

  As of this writing, many areas in the Philippines will be under five months of quarantine. Quarantine protocols may be different here than in other countries, but the purpose is the same – to minimize public mobility, in effort to slow down and stop the spread of COVID-19. Quarantine affected all the industries, and […]

Effective Customer Support System: Proactively Building on What Works

Is customer support one of your business’s priorities? It’s the front-line response in many industries, but especially in retail, sales, and the service sectors. Successful businesses put a premium on their customers, from start-ups to conglomerates. It’s no surprise, considering the pull social media and feedback platforms have on public perception. An effective customer support […]

Employee Leasing Services: Billing Enquiry

Problems are part of good business. Without issues to resolve, business development plateaus and suffers. Many technical mishaps or delays can’t be solved through simple troubleshooting, however. Sometimes, FAQs can’t fully satisfy or solve the problem. But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be other ways to get around fixing the problem. Employee leasing services can […]

Four Staple Solutions In Offshore Sourcing

It’s no secret that offshore sourcing is fast becoming the new trend in business development. There’s an increasing number of outsourcing companies, offering various staff leasing services to businesses. Big and small outfits, more entrepreneurs are deciding to adopt into this new platform. Outsourcing has proven essential in a technology-driven, technology-dependent business world. To give […]

Social Media Monitoring As Customized Service Outsourcing Package

Social media monitoring can be availed as customized service outsourcing package; you’ll have instant access to what people are talking about your company, through the variety of platforms. It can assist you on how your competitors are doing and attract new potential customers. Today, almost all businesses have social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn […]

Employee Leasing Solutions: Competitive Intelligence from Third-Party Media Monitoring Companies

Competition is staple fare in healthy business; it comes with the territory, and many cope with employee leasing solutions. There’s drive to be the first to present something new or innovative, and when the others have followed suit, the game steps up with innovations, adjustments, improvements. It’s an endless cycle of catch-up, and it helps […]

Five Mindsets Young Entrepreneurs Should Possess

Most Millennials strive to be successful as soon as possible. To be your own boss, handle your own schedules, and meet new connections in the BPO industry. As is often the case with things worth having, there are roadblocks to overcome: the uncertainties of risk, failure, and the pressure to be successful even at great […]

Managing Your Contact Center BPO: 4 Steps To Ensuring A Happy Work Environment

Every CEO surely prefers an outstanding work culture, but it’s better if this also includes a pleasant Contact Center BPO environment. Ample space, good ambience and lighting, and ergonomic facilities are among the necessities. As statistics have shown, happy employees are also productive and successful in their jobs. However, it’s safe to assume that not […]