3 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes

Receiving a phone call from a company is an implication that they were impressed with your resume. Next is job interview, where your potential employer will test your communication skills and personality according to your answers and how you are going to answer it.

But most of the applicants lose their job opportunity by doing mistakes under their noses. So for you, here are some of common interview mistakes that you have to avoid.

    1. Answering phone calls and messages. It’s like you are saying that you are not interested with the job. If you have an appointment then the interviewer also has his schedule. Try to turn off your phone or switch in it silent mode while inside the interview room, as respect to the interviewers.
    2. Appearing arrogant. Remember, you are applying for a job, your behavior and personality is being observed. No one’s wanted to work to a person that is hard to get along with.
    3. Talking negatively about current or previous employers. Telling negative things about your previous or present employer might leave an impression that you are not trust worthy. Do not expose you dirty blankets. Remember, you’ve been once part of that company you’re telling.