Call Center Job Interview Key Points: Versant and Computer Based Tests

Versant and Computer Based Tests are the easiest and widely used Call Center Interview materials today in the Philippines.


Versant, the spoken language test! It’s easy because all you have to do is read a specific sentence in a reading material that the interviewer asks you to read. The key part here is your verbal English.

Being able to speak in English isn’t enough to qualify you to be a Call Center Agent, you must keep in mind that there are other areas of your talent that the interviewer is examining while you speak; your diction, grammar and pronunciation.

Ever heard someone pronounce “forever” as “poreber,” or “perfect” as “ferpect”?

The exchanging of “p” and “f” or “v” and “b” is one of the most common pronunciation errors some Filipino call center agents do. Not being a 100% American is not a good excuse to tell your interviewer, so forget about it. Call centers in the Philippines pride themselves with fluent-speaking agents, some even speak with a British accent to perfection.

How about your “th” pronunciation, have you heard them lately? The English pronunciation of “the” is not “da,” you will have to place a bit of your tongue under you upper teeth to produce the correct sound, the mixture of “T” and “H”. Try speaking this sentence and see for yourself it sounded right: “Der are two virds trying to ply. Dey want to ply sout por da winter.”

Another thing, the “s.” Some people pronounce the “s” by placing their tongue under their upper teeth producing an “s” sound with an excess of wind blowing in between their teeth and tongue. While some people argue that is caused by extreme baby talk during their younger years, others claim that it’s due to their short tongue. These myths do not make a good excuse either. If you want to be a successful call center agent, you must work hard on your weaknesses.

Computer Based Tests

This test is usually given to Customer Service Representatives handling data entry tasks and Technical Support Representatives, whether for a chat-based account or email support. The computer based test is simply a web navigation and research exam. The examiner will test to see how familiar you are with basic web applications, website navigation and how fast you can research on a given topic. Call Center Agents usually have their cheat sheets, a piece of paper with call handling guides, FAQs and multiple answers to choose from. So when an impromptu question, topic and unexpectedly weird scenarios come their way, they must research online for the solution as quickly as possible so they can get back to their customers the soonest they can.

It’s actually easy to get yourself familiarized with basic web applications!

  • Google is a search engine, so is Yahoo and Bing, they’re the three biggest search engines on the web.
  • FB and Twitter are social networking sites, while YouTube is a podcasting site.
  • WikiPedia and WikiTravel are wiki sites where you can easily search for the information or look up for descriptions or information.
  • Instagram is a photo sharing site and Tumblr is a free blog!
  • Firefox is a web browser, as well as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Tip: Get yourself familiarized now with other areas of the web that you’re not sure of or web applications you haven’t tried yet. It will be easier for you to ace the computer based call center test!

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