Take note that we only source experienced

Want to reduce your costs by as much as 70% while increasing your operational efficiency, flexibility and productivity? That’s completely possible with staff-leasing, which is ideal for long-term projects with periodic deliverables.

Staff-leasing works just like your traditional local staffing process but the difference is that with offshore staff-leasing, you get access to a larger pool of professionals for drastically lower costs. Once you give your hiring specifications, we set out to source a pool of candidates who match your requirements. You may then test or screen such candidates in any manner you think necessary before handpicking the people you want for your project/s. Finally, our team of expert managers will supervise the work of your people and give them the tools and equipment they need to deliver regularly under the pre-defined parameters.

Take note that we only source experienced and qualified candidates to you. Please browse our list of professionals below and see how much you can save and accomplish when you choose to work with iStaff.

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