Reduce your operational costs by as much as 70% as you improve efficiency, flexibility and productivity. This is doable and feasible with staff-leasing, and it’s also ideal for long-term projects with periodic deliverables.

Staff-leasing is a setup similar to your traditional local staffing process, with the advantage of having access to our extensive, local roster of professionals you can lease at significantly lower costs. After you provide your hiring specifications, we set out to source candidates with qualifications matching your requirements. Feel free to test and screen our proposed candidates as necessary; we’re committed to provide only the best professionals for your team.

Upon deployment, our team of expert managers will supervise the operations and output of your team. We’ll also equip them with the tools and equipment needed to deliver on schedule, under the pre-defined parameters.

Rest assured we only source experienced and qualified candidates. Contact us and see how much you can save and accomplish when you choose to work with iStaff.