Job Hunters and Headhunting Firms

Job hunters eager in looking for a job would usually prefer directly applying through companies in hopes of getting qualified and eventually hired as an employee. But with opportunities lacking and with more and more applicants lining up for jobs, there is a need to look for other ways of landing a job. Applying with a headhunting firm may provide just that avenue for many job hunters.

A headhunting firm or an executive search firm helps companies look for suitable candidates to fill up certain vacant positions. In a way, the firm also helps assist job hunters looking for openings that they may possibly qualify for. The headhunting trend actually is not a new concept. It started way back sometime in 1926 when company directors in the US started tapping into other channels for employment. The believed that these new channels with offer them a way of accessing a wider network for filling up vacant positions with qualified and experienced candidates. For call center companies nowadays, job hunting firms offer just that, a way to tap into a wider network of call center candidates to fill up the ever increasing number of call center jobs.

From the job hunter’s point of view, there may be certain misconceptions when it comes to dealing with a headhunting firm. Many believe that such firms only take a percentage of a candidate’s salary as commission, similar to what manpower agencies do. This is far from the truth. The headhunters strike up an agreement with companies to aid them in looking for qualified candidates for vacant job positions. It does not include taking a cut from the hired candidate’s pay. The salary contract is separate and is only between the client company and the hired candidate.

With the great demand for call center jobs that only continues to increase, many call center companies now depend on headhunting firms to help them find qualified candidates that their own recruitment department can’t fill up due to several factors. It also helps companies take care of the daunting task of searching, identifying, and interviewing prospective candidates for call center jobs. In a way, a headhunting firm is a go-between to help job hunters meet up with companies and vice versa.

How iStaff Outsourcing Services can help job hunters like you?

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