What is iStaff.ph?

We’re an innovative, up-and-coming BPO company based at Ortigas, Metro Manila, one of the Philippines prime business hubs. Our commitment: to design and deliver effective offshore staffing solutions, for all business needs.

iStaff.ph is at the center of the thriving local outsourcing industry. Our clients are businesses in need of outsourcing solutions; we also bolster career opportunities of skilled professionals who excel in their fields and specializations.

What is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing is also known simply as Outsourcing. BPO providers meet your company’s staffing needs by leasing skilled, experienced staff and personnel. BPO’s scope covers various industries, involving professionals of different specializations.

What is the difference between Offshoring and Outsourcing?

Offshoring involves delegating specific business functions from another country – as leased service. This reduces a company’s operational or labor expenses; it’s also a strategy to penetrate markets with potential in the outsourcing business. “Global BPO” is another term for offshoring.

Outsourcing involves one company contracting services from another, for roles and tasks that might otherwise be performed by in-house employees. Even if a company is capable of handling tasks in-house, there are financial advantages that come with an outsourcing arrangement.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that helps search engines find pages on your website, and rank these higher than the millions of competitor pages in an organic search. Among other goals, SEO helps increase high-quality traffic from search engines to your website, improving online presence and increasing conversions in the form of purchases, inquiries, or engagement.

What are the services offered by iStaff.ph?

Web Development iStaff.ph offers Web Development Services that helps business expand into the internet not only using primary and basic sources but as well as establishing traffic, appearance and easy navigation for prospective clients, these services includes:
• Web Design
• CSS/ HTML Coding
• Web Programming
• E-Commerce
• CMS Integration.

Design and Multimedia
iStaff.ph offers Design and Multimedia Services where our staff will be able to come up with a design and concept based from the client’s perspective. These Services include:
• Graphic Designs
• Logo Designs
• Print Design
• Animation
• Cartoonist

Writing and SEO
iStaff.ph offers Writing and SEO Specialization that enables to fill the business with its most crucial parts. Search Engine Optimization is a way where our Client’s business will be held for traffic and more reviews in the internet and draws the client’s attention to the business. With Writing and SEO, iStaff.ph offers:
• Link Building
• Page optimization
• Technical Writing
• Website Content
• Blog and Article Writing
• Creative Writing
• SEO Copywriting.

Admin and Support
iStaff.ph offers Administration and Support enables clients to sit back and relax while we do our part. These
services includes:
• Data Entry
• Web Research
• Transcription.

Networking and Information System
iStaff.ph offers its Networking and Information System where navigation trough out your online based server happens to be easy and worry-free. These Services includes:
• Server Administration

Why do I need to establish an online presence for my business?

There’s an ever-increasing demand for easier, faster access to information, whenever and wherever. Your business has the opportunity to reach more of your market with an online presence; having your own website to promote your products or services. Regardless of scale and scope, businesses are on a highly profitable playing field online, earning twice as much, even more in comparison to a business without an online storefront.

The best part is you don’t even need to learn the skills needed for website development and optimization. Leasing the task to a BPO provider is cost-efficient and effective, and it’s applicable to all types of businesses.

What are the requirements of a typical project or service?

For long-term staff leasing, clients will be billed on a monthly basis until the project is terminated either by the client or by iStaff Solutions Inc., in compliance with iStaff’s terms and conditions.

How can I keep track of the progress?

iStaff strictly maintains regular updates, reports, and coordination with clients. We also accommodate clients who prefer a different schedule of reporting and updates, so there’s more time to review, comment and analyze, ensuring the project moves forward in the right direction.

What are the modes of payment for a project or service?

We accept payments made through bank or wire transfers.

What are other payment options available?

For questions regarding other modes of payment, please contact accounting@istaff.ph for assistance.

What sets iStaff.ph apart from other Offshoring/Outsourcing Businesses?

iStaff.ph is established at the heart of Metro Manila, one of the country’s bustling business hubs; there’s overflowing number of talents here, from entry-level to experienced professionals. iStaff offers affordable and fixed monthly rates, reduced costs on your end, and simplified solutions; we also staff highly qualified professionals you need to start and sustain your projects. iStaff also guarantees full support throughout the duration of the partnership.
iStaff will take care of your business like it’s our own. We will provide your staff with only the best tools, equipment and support to ensure your expectations are consistently met.

What are the application requirements for prospective staff?

Applicants are required to submit their updated resume and a portfolio. Applicants who will be considered for an open position will be evaluated by our team (according to client’s requirements); clients are then presented with the profiles of applicants who meet these requirements.

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