Contact Center & Call Support Agents

The first contact center was established in the Philippines in 1992, and as of 2018, the industry’s growth rate is between 15-18%. The country’s BPO sector is one of the world’s best outsourcing destinations, with an established track record for excellent service. Government support to investors (tax exemptions, registration of BPO facilities as economic zones) ensures outsourcing in the Philippines is efficient and feasible.

The country has a high literacy rate, with about 70% percent of the population fluent in English. The language is the default medium used in schools, business and commerce. We’re also highly familiar with Western culture, and hospitality and empathy are ingrained in our tradition. These advantages confirm our competence to staff only the best in contact center operations, with professionals hired at a fraction of your inshore cost.

iStaff’s contact center agents will handle inbound and outbound calls, and will also manage email requests, fax correspondence, and live chats. You can assign teams according to your preferred work hours, so you have professionals on-call and round-the-clock.