6 Great Ways to Get Hired: Job Hunting Secrets and Tips

Searching for a job has become easier and more effective today than it was decades ago; it has changed dramatically over the years and some approaches may have worked before but no longer today.

The internet, on one hand, is a very useful tool when job hunting online, and the strategies you use, on the other hand, can help you get the job you want right on the spot.

Here are six (6) great ways to get hired using today’s technologies and some of yesterdays strategies; reinvented to be more effective.

1. Referral Beats Applying Directly

Some of you may not understand why referrals are better than applying for a job directly, but it is more effective especially when an employer is searching for specific skill sets. It is a job hunting secret that most job seekers don’t even realize that it can become successful if done properly.

Many businesses today are more into trust and productivity rather than a perfectly written resume and a well dressed applicant. Don’t get me wrong, dressing to impress for your job interview is still important. If you haven’t got your dream job yet, check your professional network or simply logon to your social networking account and search for friends that might have a boss looking for skills that matches your.

2. Online Resume and Portfolio

If you do not have one, I suggest you start creating one now. Many employers today are searching for potential candidates via search engines, as well as sending interview invites online. Here’s a job hunting tip that you don’t read very often;

Tip 1: Do not leave too much personal information as you will be prone to spam, scam artists, hackers and identity thieves. Use a free form online that has captcha for your contact form.

Tip 2: You can emphasize more on your skills and job history even if it’s summarized. Add a request button in case the employer wants to know more about them. Don’t forget the captcha.

If you’re a graphic designer or a video editor, an online portfolio will be your best way to show employers your technical skills and creativeness, just make sure all images or videos you use are yours, and watermark them to prevent thieves from using your work. For writers, save your work as PDF and add watermarks instead of putting them online as plain text, plagiarism is a chronic disease.

Ask a friend or two to give their most honest opinion about your online resume or portfolio. Is it a bit out of line or does not represent you very well? Get professional advices from them and ask for some job hunting secrets and tips they may know.

3. How Are your Social Media Accounts? Have You Met LinkedIn Already?

Some applicants lose their chances of getting considered for the position they’re applying for because of their social media accounts. Your online profiles are searchable and can be viewed by anyone, so are your old embarrassing photos, comments and other bad stuff you’ve made on the internet. If you think your social networking profile reflects your bad side, then it’s time for a makeover.

On the other hand, social media sites like LinkedIn are a very useful tool to present your skills and a summary of your job history! Use it to connect with people working for a company you are targeting to get into. Look for someone you share the same interest in, reach out and be friendly, state your purpose and ask if they have an opening for the position you want. In case they’re not hiring at the moment, ask if he can refer you the next time the position opens, or request for some job hunting secrets or tips he may have on his sleeve that can help you grab the position when it opens.

4. Research and Conquer!

Another great job hunting secret is researching your employer; know the business, how it runs and what makes it run. This can become your key to landing the position you’re applying for. For instance, the employer may ask you what you can contribute to society. Answer by making the company as your example and provide solutions that can help the business grow. This way, you can show the employer your respect and concern for their company’s growth.

5. Seek Out Headhunting Firms

Recruiters at headhunting firms are highly experienced and skilled with matching available jobs to your skills. Once you’re in their database and still available, they will contact you and endorse your profile to companies that are looking for your skill sets. In addition, you can ask them for some tips and secrets on how you can ace your job interview, and they can even coach you on how to properly answer awkward questions that may occur.

Whether you already have a targeted career path or still searching for your inner calling, headhunting firms can be a great way to get hired! Remember, headhunting firms will never ask you for a commission nor deduct any cent from your salary.

6. Tailoring Your Job Application Form and Resume

Sure you have a lot of skills and experience with many things, but do you really have to add your “50wpm typing skill” for the graphic designer position you’re applying for? There are some skills, though impressive, are useless to employers and unnecessary for the position you’re applying for. Tailor your application form by summarizing all your skills and emphasizing only the ones that are indicated in the “Job Qualifications and Requirements” section, same goes to your resume. There’s no need to add the “First prize on the hotdog eating content Season 10” to your achievements.

You can tailor your resume and job application forms for each company you’re going to apply into, even if the positions are the same. What’s important is that you specify that you have the skills they’re looking for.