3 Essential Elements to Consider in SEO Content Writing

When all the designing, code fixing, content and SEO are done, have you ever wondered if all is enough? Tweaking your website to improve user experience is one thing, but content writing and SEO are another. A quality content that can be easily accessed and streamed throughout your site can help keep a visitor engaged; increases your site trust and authority.

You will need to take more time in understanding your visitors and market so you can learn how to make the right content for them, distribute it to useful sites and expand your brand to the world. Take into consideration these three (3) essential elements when it comes to SEO content writing.

Nothing Beats the Original
Aside from providing new information to your readers, content writing is also a great tool for brand awareness and nothing can be much more compared to a quality and original content that has been optimized. In search results today, if you want your brand to stand out from the rest, you will need to provide original content that ranks, backed by quality backlinks and shared across social media sites. When competitors try to duplicate your content, then you know you’re way ahead of them in the race.

Make User Experience as Your Metrics
Using your web analytics and/or heat map, you can study how visitors go in and out of your site pages, where they come from and where they go as they leave your site. With these tools, you can learn if your visitors are interested with your site’s content, which part they like the most and the ones that goes unnoticed. Bad pages, pages with content that are unnoticed, may be caused by lousy internal link structures, but they can be improved by using SEO content writing strategies. It might help if you hire a professional content writer who had years of SEO content writing experience.

Geo-targeting and Key Phrases
A lot of webmasters think that geo-targeting is just for local businesses, but it’s not. You can have an online business that caters to the world but have quality content that targets specific regions using key phrases. There are a lot of content written for specific countries, targeting key phrases and are very successful in search results.

Now, if you think your website content needs a re-vamp, you might just be right!