Call Center Dilemma: Don’t Just Quit Because of Workload Mismatch or Lack of Challenge

Let’s face it, a lot of good call center agents hop from one service center to another only to hop again after a few months. Some agents argue that workload mismatch or lack of challenge is to blame. If you feel any of these two, do not worry, there is a solution for these kinds of issues and you might find it even more interesting than you ever thought. So don’t just quit your job because of workload mismatch or lack of challenge, try looking at it on a different angle.

Workload Mismatch

If you find your job too exhausting because a huge amount of effort is needed to complete a task that does not even cover half of your day’s work and you’re about to burnout, you can always talk to your manager. Some agents fear that if they express their work problems to their immediate superior, they would get reprimanded, humiliated or fired on the spot. But that’s not always the case; some agents get this kind of treatment because they disrespectfully addressed their problems.

Before knocking on your manager’s office door, think of as many possible solutions to your own problem. Be a solution maker, not a burden. Make sure you express to your manager that you want to be a part of the company’s growth by contributing in your best efforts. You’ll be surprised to find out if all you needed is a cross-training.

Lack of Challenge

When workload becomes too monotonous for you and you feel that boredom is about to take over your career, or when you feel less satisfied with your work because you’re using less of your skills and expertise, don’t just stop and call it quits. You can request for a more challenging role where your entire skills can be utilized.

Call center companies usually have several training opportunities for career development and advancement plans for their employees. You can discuss your desired career path with your manager and work out a solution together.

Sometimes call center agents tend to forget that their word is also valuable to the company. As an employee, if there is something you want to voice out you should do it in the most professional way you could. Your inputs are important for the company’s growth, you just don’t realize it. Whatever the reason is for an employee to consider leaving his job is always a problem for the company.