4 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business Grow

It has been a proven way to increase your business’ online presence by using social media optimization (SMO). It is one of the best techniques for brand awareness, building trust and increasing your profit. But do you know how much more you can get with SMO? If you haven’t marketed your business using social media, better start now!

Here are 4 great ways how optimizing your Social Media profiles can help your business grow.

Better Communication and Customer Service

Live interactions with customers and potential clients are limitless using social networking sites. This is your chance to know more about the people who patronize your products and services. You can even use Facebook’s “Insights” to monitor the activities on your Facebook page and make improvements to your weak spots. There’s also your web analytics which can help you determine the most interesting things that can engage a web surfer to your site and target specific locations or audience. Maximize all the free tools available so you can provide your customers with better services.

Free Ways to Keep Your Brand Fresh and Repeat Exposure

Ever wonder why TV commercials need to be repetitive all the time? It’s because of effective frequency which can determine a response from potential customers based on the number of times they have been exposed to an advertisement. If successfully done, it can then engage customers to buy the product being advertised.

Now you’re probably contradicting, because search engines do not like repeated content unlike the commercials on TV. It’s true that content is king when it comes to online branding and search engine optimization, and that mass duplication of content is the opposite. The best way you can remind your customers about your brand is to always provide them with fresh content; have a blog where fresh content is being uploaded frequently, or a forum where customers can interact with you and with each other, then use social media to connect them all!

Build Loyalty and Authority

You can also build and strengthen customer loyalty and authority using social media optimization; by simply interacting with customers and providing them with interesting information, not by constantly posting advertisement of your products and services. Customers doesn’t like to be force fed with ads. Give them respect through interesting topics, advices and discussions, make your business as their go-to resource when searching for help. Happy customers leave footprints of positive comments all around the web.

Hire and Be Hired!

LinkedIn can be a great tool to find professionals with specific skills you need to complete a project. You can even get a team of individuals with different sets of skills for a very complex project you never thought you could finish.

Aside from hiring people online, you can also connect with other entrepreneurs in your industry and share ideas, and collaborate and create new strategies that can benefit your businesses. You will be more noticeable and influential the more you join and interact with various companies and organizations on social media sites. You’ll be surprised to see other businesses asking you for consultation, inquiring about your services, or requesting quotations for projects they want you to handle.

You’ll never know when prospect clients are peeking into your business’ online profile, so it’s better to be active and productive too online. Help your business grow and improve with social media optimization!