Did You Earn Your Weekend? A Three-Step Guide For The BPO Contact Center Industry

Did You Earn Your Weekend? A Three-Step Guide For The BPO Contact Center Industry

There’s a reason why people say “thank goodness it’s Friday.” When was the last time you heard someone rant about the weekend? By weekend we mean the period when you actually enjoy some rest and relaxation. Sure, in some industries the definition of the weekend shifts with the schedule (think BPO contact center representatives). Some office staff also take pleasure in ensuring the work for the workweek is really behind them.

For most people, the weekend starts after Friday rush hour, and can end up to the wee hours of Monday morning. Some feel guilty about enjoying the weekend, though, especially when there’s still work left to finish. How do you know you deserve the break, then? Here are three signs you’ve had a great workweek:

1. You plotted and finished goals for your workweek.

Nothing’s more satisfying than knowing you’ve ticked items on docket. Did you complete your mid-term goals, finished all routine tasks? Work never really ends, though, and there’s probably more waiting for you by next week. The point is you were able to put as much as you can behind you, enough to start afresh.

On the flip side, the BPO contact center operates under wildly shifting schedules, and it’s likely workweeks are of uneven lengths. Turnover tasks also vary. “Do all you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt knows what it means to do meaningful work.

2. You took on tasks that are over your head, and prevailed.

This is icing on the cake of a great workweek. Did you have items on agenda more than you could handle? Maybe you finally took on tasks you’ve been dreading for a month? Were you forced to jump-start tasks no one else dared to touch? Finishing tasks you didn’t expect to start is great motivation for your weekend. Plan something special and celebrate.

Of course, the downside is realizing you’ve held on for so long on tasks, which is procrastinating. There are always items low on people’s priority lists; thank yourself you finally found it in you to start and finish these.

3. You innovated.

You’ll only appreciate something new when you’ve tread the old routine. Did you discover how to improve on existing processes? Maybe you met a client who have ideas that spark new growth to your business? Did you unlock potential you didn’t know you had? Anything that improves upon the old should be welcome, and you should pat yourself on the back for the achievement.

The BPO contact center is fast-paced and routine-based, and office staff are known for handling the same tasks periodically. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can inject innovations to enhance processes, skip steps, improve output?

Everyone deserves the weekend. Especially those who can put their stamp of approval on the previous workweek. If for some reason you evaluated your work and found it lacking, don’t worry. Next week will catch up soon enough.

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