Optimize Your Outreach: Staff Leased Employees In Data Verification

Optimize Your Outreach: Staff Leased Employees In Data Verification

Your company can perform well, gain lots of leads, rack up a good number of contacts. Of course, the ideal trend is to acquire more leads over time; staff leased employees can do the legwork. As your database expands, verifying contents and keeping it manageable can be challenging. When your company needs to tap this database to further its reach, there’s a chance some of the phone numbers are dead, some of the email addresses are missing, and some names and prospects are incorrect.

A similar scenario befalls any business that neglects to have its data verified. Data verification entails checking different types of data for accuracy and inconsistencies, after data migration. It confirms whether data was accurately translated after moved between sources to another: is it complete and useful? The process identifies areas of disparity and preempts erroneous data loss.

A Reliable Database Optimizes Your Marketing Strategy

One reason to maintain data verification of contacts is to improve marketing results. Phone numbers and email addresses, for instance, are effective channels to reach prospects. If a listed contact is discovered inactive, all marketing efforts on that contact are wasted. A verified database is filled with active, updated contacts. To this end, staff leased employees guarantee any marketing strategy reaches the other end, bringing new prospects and customers.

Marketing Efforts Focused On The Right People

Data verification ensures only the right people will receive marketing efforts. Indeed, not everyone can become loyal customer, and some unsuitable ones also manage to slip into the database. An mismanaged database of contacts forces the company to try out each and every prospect listed. While that is good in a way, the company risks a reputation of being overly persistent, or worse, scamming leads. Leased employees can weed out contacts with minimal potential for returns.

Streamline Campaigns, Save Time And Effort

Businesses consequently saves time and effort in reaching its target audience. With faulty telephone numbers and email addresses, the company wastes resources trying to implement marketing plans. It is the same when dealing with contacts outside the business’s demographic. Time spent on converting them is better spent focusing on getting good leads. Data verification cleans and polishes the list of contacts and zeroes in on the target people, optimizing business resources and facilities.

Staff Leased Employees Can Do The Legwork

Data verification is a necessity today when people readily change contact information for convenience. A study in email marketing revealed, in fact, that as much as 22.5% of a company’s database degrades every year as addresses become obsolete. If left unchecked, the database’s usability wears off, affecting marketing and customer retention.

Without management, your business can end up with a database of dead phone numbers and email addresses. Implementing strategies using unverified data is risky and self-defeating. Staff leased employees are necessary in implementing a data verification system early on. The goal is to reach the right people, making the most out of available resources.

Outsourcing Tip: How to Make Your Data Entry More Efficient

In business, outsourcing is a merely a method entrepreneurs use to grow their bottom line. What makes a huge difference for others are the techniques and approaches they use to get to their goal.

Outsourcing your data entry does not guarantee a huge victory for your company, but it does give you a lot of rewards if you’ve done it right. Here are a few tips on how you can make your outsourced data entry more efficient.

Provide a Good Work Environment

Outsourcing firms have their own offices to house your outsourced data entry specialists. Even though it will be the responsibility of the service provider to provide all the equipment, software and other office supplies to your outsourced staff, it is still your responsibility to ensure that their work environment and physical conditions are perfect.

Your data entry specialists will be encoding data all day long, and a tired data encoder makes the most mistakes so it would be nice if you make sure their:

  • Office chair is comfortable enough;
  • Keyboards, mouse and computer monitor are working well;
  • Breaks are well scheduled; and
  • Workload is properly managed.

Check for Updates and Upgrades

Assuming that the outsourcing partner you’ve chosen specializes in data entry, software upgrades will never be a problem for you. All you have to do is review and approved such upgrades.

In case your service provider is not a data entry firm, it does not mean that they’re not tech inclined with data entry software and upgrades, keep in touch with them about the latest technologies available in the market and software upgrades that can benefit your outsourced staff. If necessary, take time to discuss it with them.

Set a Realistic Time Table

Some people think that outsourcing data entry, especially offshore outsourcing, gives you employees that work faster than anyone else. Well, quantity is way different than quality. If you want both, you need to set a realistic time table. Managing the workload of your outsourced data entry specialists is also important, because there’s a limited amount of workload one person can do in eight hours straight. So it’s important that you do not overload them.

Consider Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Although it’s not a 100% guarantee to be accurate data, it lessens the time of encoding and provides more time for your data entry specialists to review and proofread their work. It would also help if you provide them with the original PDF files or scanned document so they can use it to double check the accuracy of their work.

In reality, data entry is a very important function of any business. Whether it’s a small, start-up business or a well established one, everyone in the office relies on data. So to make sure that outsourcing data entry will be efficient for your company, establish metrics on your service provider not just the outsourced staff. If you feel that you need a better outsourcing partner, look for another one. There’s also a thing called trial-and-error with outsourcing, no perfect combination or formula.

Data Entry Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Accuracy

Being a data entry specialist is not easy, though many people think so. Encoding massive amounts of data in mostly short periods of time is not an easy task. Accuracy needs to be at 99.9% from start to finish.

Businesses today run on data, mountains of it, and will continue to run on more data as it grows. That’s where data entry is necessary and crucial because it involves a business’ bottom line.

There are many ways accuracy in encoding data can be improved, here some tips and tricks that can help you become a better data entry specialist.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Although nobody in this world is perfect, practicing gets us closer to perfection and that’s what important in data entry. There are free typing tests available online where you can test your speed and accuracy, you can practice there all day if you want. But if that bores you, there are also speed typing games you can download on your smart phone or tablet.

Avoiding Transcription & Transposition Errors

Data entry specialists type fast and faster when they’re in the mood, and when speed reaches its critical point they hit the wrong keys. Some encoders notice their typing mistake while others do not, this leads to transcription or transposition error.

Transcription errors happens you input wrong data. It can be due to tiredness or dizziness that’s why it’s very important that you take breaks after typing for too long. Some transcription errors also come from optical character recognition (OCR) programs. It’s when a PDF file or any paper document is scanned and converted into an editable DOC format. It will be wise to have a copy of the actual PDF file or scanned paper document to double check your work for errors.

On the other hand, transposition errors occur when you mistakenly switch characters’ places. For instance, you are typing ‘children’ but mistakenly switched two characters and ended up with ‘chlidren’. Transposition errors commonly occur when you’re typing numbers, ‘54312’ can easily end up as ‘54321’ if you’re not paying enough attention.

Although it may be easy to check for spelling errors and duplicate words, it’s incredibly hard when double checking for numbers. To avoid making transcription and transposition errors, do not rush. You may be required to type fast, but not rushed. Find a comfortable speed and continue working on it.

Advanced Software Features

Have you tried the automated error reports? It’s a data entry feature that checks for errors in numbers you’ve typed. For example, on your five digit fields, one has an extra number on it, the automated error reports sees this and will alert you. There are other useful advanced features on your data entry software, make the most out of it!

Manage Your Workload

Taking a break from typing is a good way to relax your muscles for a while, but taking too much of it will eat time. You will then rush to finish your workload as scheduled, which could lead to multiple errors. Data entry specialists must also have good time management skills in order to be efficient.

There will also be times that you think you’ve work too fast that you’ve finished all your workload and then ask for more from your boss. This can be a great way to make an impression in the office or sink your ship to the deepest darkest abyss. Adding more to your workload can make you too tired to type, thus leading to errors. Make sure you have enough energy before asking for more.

Review Your Own Work

Take time to review and proofread your own work, this is one of the key aspects of accuracy in data entry. Schedule a review every hour or two, or whenever is most comfortable with you, just don’t forget to do it. A coworker might be able to see some errors you didn’t notice, so don’t be shy to ask for their help.

Always remember, in data entry a keen attention to details is very important not just the speed. A single key stroke can lead to multiple errors and loss of profit for the company.

Staff Leasing: What to Look For When Hiring a Data Entry Specialist

Data entry services are offered almost anywhere in the world and can be cheaper when afforded offshore. If you are planning to hire a professional or a team of data entry specialists, you should be as keen and inquisitive as shopping for your own pants.

If you want to reap the great benefits of outsourcing data entry, you have to set your own metrics when searching for the right service provider. Never let a service provider limit you with what they want and what is only written in their proposals.

Always Look For Flexibility
Asking for a price list is always important, but flexibility has to be too. There will be times that your business will undergo financial difficulties or change direction, so your service provider should be flexible in order to accommodate your needs.

There Won’t Be Any Loophole If You Don’t Allow It
If the data entry services being offered to you via an emailed proposal or over the phone have even a very small discrepancy with the contract the service provider wants you to sign, point it out. If they don’t want to change it, simply refuse the offer and move on to the next.

What a Data Entry Specialist Should Really Possess
Typing skill and years of experience plays a big role in deciding who to hire from a list of qualified candidates, but that’s not all that’s important. The speed of inputting data and the accuracy is a must, but those are skills that can be learned. Some clients look for candidates with good personalities and work ethic, the types of qualities that are very hard to learn and impossible to learn for others. Would you rather choose a data entry specialist with high speed and accuracy and an absenteeism habit, or the one with average speed and accuracy but never left a day at work?

Data Entry Services With the Latest Technologies
Always look for service providers who are using the latest technologies available for data encoding and management, so whenever you need to upgrade big or change drastically, you will never have to worry about software and hardware upgrades. Your team of data entry specialists will always be using the best equipment and your business will never be left out.

So the next time you look out for professionals for lease, remember these simple tips so you can avoid unnecessary costs and stressful partnership with the wrong service provider. Outsourcing data entry services are very helpful when done right.

3 Great Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry

The process of manually typing, updating, maintaining and retrieving information from a computer system database are the specialties of Data Encoders. Though it may look like an easy task, Data Entry requires precision and accuracy at all times. It has become widely essential for business today to hire Data Encoders, since data is the foundation of all businesses.

Why the need to outsource Data Entry? Whether local or offshore, outsourcing parts of your business gives you access to the latest technologies and a wide pool of talents you’ve never seen before. Here are the top 3 great benefits you can enjoy from outsourcing Data Entry.

Higher Efficiency Rate and Time Saving

Partnering with the right service provider enables you to focus more on the core competencies of your business. It takes away the cumbersome and tedious Data Entry tasks and places them in the hands of the right people who specialize in them. This is a huge advantage for large businesses with a lot of data storage to manage.

  • You get more time resolving in-house issues
  • You can focus more on customer service or other revenue-generating tasks
  • You get access to the latest technologies
  • You get to choose from a wide range of talents to work for you

Strategic Advantage over Competitors

Your in-house employees can be more creative and productive and because of competency, your outsourced Data Encoders would perform more effectively.

If you’re business is in the USA and you’re considering hiring an offshore outsourcing company, specifically in Asia, this gives you faster turnaround because of the huge time difference. Same goes for businesses in the South America, UK and other parts of Europe who are seriously considering offshore outsourcing.

Lowered Overhead Cost

The money spent on hiring and training new employees will be decreased if you outsource your Data Encoders. Same goes for the time and equipment you’ll be investing in. You can get your work done at comparatively lower costs.

  • Time and effort in hiring and training in-house Data Entry staff will be eliminated
  • No need to invest on new equipments
  • You can get lower costs without sacrificing quality

The Philippines, where English is the second language, has always excelled in providing English-based services; from simple clerical tasks to complex web-based programming and designing.

iStaff Outsourcing Services is always ready to help you grow your business. Let’s start from what you want and what your business really needs.