Customized Service In Marketing: 3 Effective Online Lead Generation Techniques

Customized Service In Marketing: 3 Effective Online Lead Generation Techniques

There is a massive global market you can tap into for better yield in marketing and financial growth. Even with customized service, can you still make it work using traditional cold calls, or the usual sales campaigns? Stimulate and capture interest in your company’s services and products. There are at least three effective online lead generation techniques you can implement. Use various digital channels to your advantage, and move your business ahead of the others.

You may have tried going through conventional outbound sales techniques. You may have even started generating inbound sales, and there are still dozens of new outlets available online. Considering convenience, accessibility, and target market reach, here are new ways to gain customers: website and search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media.

Website and Search Engine Optimization

With growing dependence on technology, it’s no wonder you can easily reach your target clients through customized service. Your company website is the best place to start.

Use customer-focused navigation for better understanding of your site’s content. Then, provide various call-to-action options throughout the site to further engage the visitors. Add buttons to subscribe, download, contact, and other functions. Use engaging visuals for content variety. Think like a customer and find ways to make your site more accessible.

After this, evaluate and implement proper search engine optimization (SEO) as part of your primary lead generation strategy. With heavy competition on the world wide web, it’s important your content is more visible to consumers. Fill your site with properly constructed articles, easily accessible through organic web searches. Once you gain good rankings in search results, you are going to find more prospective customers checking and remembering your services.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

This practice has been tried and tested throughout various business portals, as well as customized service. The pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns remain effective in generating highly targeted traffic. This technique also has a high chance for lead conversions. Mostly ideal for new business in the digital marketing world, PPC can easily yield good results. Even though there are many people who don’t like this practice of generating “buying visits” to the site, it is still a reliable source for lead generation. One of the most popular forms of this is the search engine advertising.

Social Media Practices

An active community of social media users is by far a remarkable factor, which helps any business find the most effective sources for lead generation. The variety of unique platforms helps engage and connect you to your targeted, desired audience. Options in social media platforms are also helpful in creating a new digital marketing culture that strongly impacts the consumers’ buying behavior.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others present a promising medium that different businesses can benefit from. However, customized service and social media exposure are necessary to effectively make an exponential advantage for any business.

Broaden Your Business Reach: Leased Employees In Social Media Management

Broaden Your Business Reach: Leased Employees In Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube—these are but some social media platforms leased employees contribute to business development. You can’t just pick and focus on one platform, either: these days, thriving businesses know how to wield all platforms by default. However, making the most of one platform can be a handful. When your business has multiple accounts to manage, time constraints force you to overlook one platform to focus on another.

This is where leased employees step in. Many businesses are subcontracting third-party companies to manage their social media accounts. Specially trained social media experts are tasked to regularly post relevant content, upload media, and maintain the many “faces” of the business, keeping updated and building personality. Outsourcing social media management is a feasible solution, and it’s ripe with rewards.


In partnership with leased employees, your business will is always assured qualified professionals are on top of the accounts. In the case of social media management, they will have put in line individuals with degrees and experiences in public relations. The business gets to work with people who studied and know the landscape very well. This is important, particularly in social media’s fickle platforms. One wrong post from a non-expert business staff member can potentially ruin the entire experience for the social media followers. With professional social media managers, this never happens.

Specialization of Leased Employees

When a business dives into social media, it usually hires an individual, if not a small team, to handle all its accounts. The problem is that no one person can be an expert in all the platforms. Not all the tricks in Facebook applies on YouTube. With outsourcing, however, the business has the chance to work with one expert per account. There are packages available for that, and each part of those will be bringing their A-game to it. The result is a collection of social media platforms that is simultaneously up to date, individually creative, and consistently compelling.

Dedication and Professionalism

Truth be told, social media isn’t always a rose garden. Lurking in a corner somewhere is a troll or a bully who will jump at any opportunity to discredit and embarrass the business. A staff member who is not trained for the part may struggle to deal with this and will end firing back with volatility. A professional from an outsourcing company, though, is prepared for it. There’s always a way to work around the problem and save face, be it through firm denial or a humble apology. You’re also assured every post is made with unbiased professionalism.

There are more benefits to outsourcing social media managers, and they all say the same thing, that the leased employees are fit for the job, consistently delivering relevant, engaging posts.

Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube accounts should have separate, dedicated social media managers. Outsourcing social media management spares you the failures of trial and error, and businesses who have turned to it benefit from stronger community presence, and a stronger brand.

How Social Media Changed Our Lives: Advantages and Disadvantages

People love to surf the web, discover new stuff and interact with other people half across the world by using social media. Before you know it, sharing, liking, commenting and posting on the internet has become a part of lives.

It was 2004 when Facebook was launched; it didn’t take that long before it overwhelmed its competitors MySpace, which was launched the previous year, and Friendster, founded in 2002. Long before these big three battled for supremacy, a lot more social media sites were born and eventually shut down or replaced due to the increasing demand of people for newer and more advanced technologies and ways to interact on the internet.

At some point in your life, did you ever stop and think how social media has changed our lives? Whenever there’s an advantage for us on new technologies, there are also disadvantages attached to it.


Privacy Policies Does Not Cover Everything
Once you make a comment or post a picture of you on the internet, it stays there long enough for other people to criticize you, make fun of you or make copies of your most embarrassing posts and scatter it to other social networking sites.

Vulnerability to Numerous Dangers
Too many social media accounts, too many security settings to oversee. Have you checked yours recently? If you cannot remember when’s the last time you did, do it now! Some people suffer from cyber theft and even bullying because they forgot to change their security settings.

The Easiest Way to Waste Precious Time!
Some people can’t help constantly checking their Twitter feeds or uploading selfies on Instagram. These are dangerous ways to waste time that should have been made for studying or working.

A New Platform for People to Boast and Quarrel
There are times when boasting your achievements or posting photos of the great vacation you had last summer is a good thing, but only to a minimal. Boast too much of everything you have and you will end up with more enemies and two-faced friends than actual friends who care. Remember, there will always be people on your friend’s list who will disfavor your personal business.


Reconnecting With Loved Ones
Social media is a great way to help you reconnect and reunite with your loved ones. Some families go their separate ways and live on different countries but still able to remain a family using the power of social networking sites. For others, they’ve reunited with their long lost sibling or parent due to a tragedy long ago or lovers who have gone separate ways but found each other again online and continued their love story.

Getting Hired
Today, a lot of employers are scanning potential candidates using social media. It is a great tool to find skilled professionals! LinkedIn might just be your next opportunity in getting your dream job, or your network of friends on Facebook and Twitter can link you with employers looking for specific skills that you have.

Professional Networking
There will be times in your career that you feel you need an upgrade or seek out a mentor for your professional growth. Social media also offers networking with organizations of like-minded people where you can satisfy your hunger for professional growth.

A Boost in Business
Social networking sites have provided businesses a new way to market their products and services, look for potential customers, and connect with other businesses with the same interests. It even helps newbie entrepreneurs find their niche and help old ones reinvent theirs.

Raise Awareness and Charity
Natural disasters happen all over the world and tragedy is inevitable, but people found a new way to reach out to others and raise more awareness and charity; the clear water projects in Kenya, the donations made for the campaign for Haiti and Japan where millions were moved, those who rushed to donate blood after the Boston Marathon bombing, and to all who helped and assisted the central Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan tore the land. A lot more people became aware and found new ways to help others in need via social media.

Hobbies Just Became Serious!
You’ll be surprised where the best baking recipes comes from, the super unique DIY crafts for gifts, the cheapest fish bait vendor in town, where your love for photography can become a profit, or how you can land the craziest gig using your guitar. You can level up your favorite past time by interacting with people of the same interest online; learn new things while helping others!