The Perks and Benefits Working in a Call Center Company

To be a call center agent means that you have what it takes when it comes to tackling rush hours, managing work load, and camaraderie. Working in the call center industry in the Philippines is no easy job compared to other Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in the country, but it does have its cool perks and loads of benefits!

The Big Pay

The call center industry offers higher basic pay for fresh graduates, experienced agents and even for working students. Other benefits like performance-based, night differential and allowances may differ among call center companies, but they do get higher in percentage (%). For some employers in the Philippines, on top of the 13th month pay, they also offer a mid-year bonus, Christmas bonus, cost of living allowance and more!

Free Trainings and Career Growth

Working in a call center company gives you the benefit of free trainings on languages and management. This helps employees to communicate better with customers, potential clients and provide superb services. Some call center companies even provide their employees with post-graduate studies scholarship.

Promotions and incentives are faster inside a call center company than any other BPO company in the Philippines. Employees’ efforts and hard work are easily recognized and quantified!

Being a call center agent doesn’t just limit you to accepting or making calls; you can also be a language translator, an online tutor or an effective operations supervisor or manager.

Health Benefits

Because call center companies are notorious for their rush hours, Holiday and rotating shifts, employers have developed the perfect Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to help their employees with their medical and dental finances. Not only that, different call center companies in the Philippines even provide sleeping quarters for employee who will be changing shifts the same day, a computer and gadgets room to satisfy the gamers, unlimited supply of coffee and juices if that’s what you’re into, and spa vouchers so you can have your tired body relaxed after work.

Do You Have What It Takes?

To be a customer or technical support professional is not for all. A call center agent might have already told you the amounts of stress he or she had. But no work is stress-free! Even an elite company’s CEO gets stressed from time to time; they just know how to handle it, so should you if you want to be a part of the call center industry.