5 Simple Ways You Can Help Improve Your Help Desk

Not very often, but certainly one of the reasons some end users look out for before purchasing a product is the help desk support. And if it is not taken care of properly, it can also be one of the reasons for the decline of brand patrons and fans. When that happens, more expenses are made in order to recover loss trust and the process of strengthening that trust.

As an entrepreneur, there are simple ways you can do to help improve your tech support help desk without having to burn your profit to the ground.

Live Support

It does not always need to be a 24/7 live support, although it can be a good impression for the end users. Your live tech support help desk agents can be assigned to be active only during peak times, the times when more calls are expected to come in. When peak time is over, you can revert back to your basic tech support system or automated ticketing system if you have the software. It is also important that end users are well informed about your live support schedules to avoid misunderstanding and irate calls about it in the future. This technique is good for start up businesses and companies that struggle populating their bottom line.

Determining Priorities & Allocating

End user issues ranges from simple tech misuse to more advance IT problems that requires more attention of your most skilled help desk agent. When using a customer support software system, your agents should be knowledgeable enough to determine which are top priorities, depending on the severity of the issue, so it can be handled properly. Likewise when determining which should be prioritized; online tickets, phone calls or walk-ins.

Allocating tickets with severe tech issues is also important. Why let a junior help desk agent take an hour or two to resolve an advance tech problem when a senior agent can tackle it in only a few minutes?

Eliminate Minor Software Setting Issues

Make sure you double check your software settings to eliminate minor issues with automated email replies, setting and distribution of tickets and organization of reports. You wouldn’t want your help desk agent spend hours untangling software issues when he could have spend helping customers.

Prepare Training Modules

Some help desk agents learn on their own by reading or by asking a senior for help. This is okay, but it would be better if all of your tech support agents are a hundred percent ready to solve problems rather than have them research it first and then go back to the customer. Preparing a training module would be perfect, even if it is just a one page call guide for basic to advance tech issues.

Utilize Social Media

End users love it when you make it easier for them to reach you. Customers would want to purchase from brands that actually has active tech support, live and online preferably because most people now a days are always online whether they’re on their computer, laptop or mobile phone.