How to Improve Help Desk Performance?

The help desk is a very important part of any business, it maybe tedious and routine but it does have its great uses like improving customer experience, relaying useful information about the customers to the marketing team, helps improve products and services, adds positive reputation to the company and many more.

Because help desk can be a really boring job or highly stressful in some cases, your employees’ performance can be at risk. You may experience employees resigning due to lack of challenge, workload mismatch, or better opportunities offered to them by other companies.

So how can you improve your help desk’s performance? Here are some tips to help you out.

Establish Metrics with a Rewards System

Whenever a goal is set to be achieved, it is not too much to add a reward along the way. A reward system can be a powerful influence not just to employee performance but as well as motivation and behavior.

You can set different levels of metrics and provide a reward whenever a help desk agent reaches it. It can be based on quantity of work output or quality of work delivered, or both. If you are having difficulties determining what type of rewards to give based on the level of metrics you are going to set, ask your department managers to assist you.

Encourage Company Trainings and Seminars

Your help desk agents might not pursue a promotion today, but they will eventually. But how can you promote an employee with little knowledge and lack of experience for the promotion they are asking for? Help them grow professionally by encouraging them to attend company trainings and seminars.

If you make your employees feel that you care for their career growth, it will add up to their loyalty and morale thus improving their performance.

Team Building Is Not Just For Having Fun

If you think that team building is just another excuse for a short-term out of town vacation for your employees, you are dead wrong. Psychologically, it is a discipline that helps improve your help desk agents’ personality such as leadership and problem-solving skills. It also helps foster creativity, build trust amongst co-workers and develop better communication.

Using various fun and motivational activities that are carefully planned to help your employees’ mental health, your help desk agents can growth both personally and professionally.

Improving Employee Retention is Also Important

Some help desk agents can handle pressure but not the stress that accompanies it. So before they can call it quits, you better prepare a plan to retain them. Don’t let your talented employees leave your company and head straight to your competitor’s doorstep.

Here are a few tips:
• If the rewards system you have establish is not working or not enough, revise it.
• Motivate your help desk agents by improving their employee benefits.
• Offer them career growth through company trainings and seminars.

If a help desk agent is happy with his job, he is likely to be more productive which is beneficial for the company. But there are times when a talented employee can’t be persuaded not to leave his position due to personal reasons or an issue with his co-worker. It will help you a lot to perform an exit interview with them so you can pin point the real cause and prepare a solution the next time it happens.