Caffeine Is the Lifeblood of Your Business: 3 Reasons You Should Keep the Coffee Flowing

What’s one thing workday mornings can’t do without? Based on the law of averages, ask enough people and you’ll likely reach a consensus: it’s the lifeblood of business, and it fuels the daily grind. It’s as close as you’ll get to ingesting magic beans, and it opens your mind to endless possibilities. Still stumped? You can have it drip, pressed, brewed, instant, and (gasp) decaf.

All credit goes to the guy who discovered coffee, an Ethiopian goatherd who one day noticed his goats were giddier than usual. He literally followed the scent leading to a local monastery, where he saw monks trampling on red beans to extract a weird concoction. This weird liquid is currently second to water as the most consumed drink in the world.

You may not consider coffee the staple of productive mornings, but there’s surely people at your office who will disagree. One experiment even aimed to measure how coffee affects productivity, comparing the difference between a week of flowing coffee and a week without it. The result? A 19% margin increase in perceived and actual productivity. This difference is more than enough to ensure your team delivers under pressure and against tight deadlines.

Have you ever considered coffee as essential part of your business? It’s served with donuts, at board meetings, on-the-go, and at every opportunity that needs a caffeine boost. If you plan to target the office’s coffee supply in effort to cut costs, these three crucial reasons should convince you otherwise:

1. Coffee makes people happier, consequently more productive

A study by the National Institute of Health proves drinking four or more cups of coffee makes people 10% happier, or at least 10% less depressed and cranky. This improvement is attributed to that caffeine jolt, but it gets better. The long-term effects is caused by all the antioxidants contained in every cup. The benefits are immediate and lasting, and in moderation, safely addictive.

2. Coffee boosts intelligence

If you’ve ever powered through overtime work downing pots of coffee, then you have first-hand experience how caffeine improves intelligence, at least for a short time. The caffeine jolts you wide awake, improving your focus. Your brain works smarter and faster this way. When sleep is scarce and you need a boost, drinking coffee improves attentiveness, reaction time, and logical reasoning, attributes closely related to intelligence.

3. Coffee is great for the liver, reduces risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A study showed people aged 22 and above tested lower risk of developing liver cirrhosis, an autoimmune disease closely related to excessive alcohol consumption. It appears coffee has protective effects against alcoholic cirrhosis, and increased coffee consumption proportionally reduces the risk. A separate study also showed drinking coffee reduces the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by as much as 50%.

These should give you enough reason to keep the coffee flowing from the break room. Sure, you also have to account for those who prefer tea or chocolate, but nothing spites the flow of a productive day more than an empty coffee mug you can’t refill. So, break out fresh grinds and keep the pot filled, if you want to make the most out of the daily grind.

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