You Need These Five People to Succeed in Business

If you were asked to drum up a list of people crucial to your business’s success, who would be your first five picks? It’s hard to imagine success without support, and this usually involves a wide network of contributors. This is true for start-up companies sprinting towards the jump; your momentum determines how far you’ll go, and there should be people supporting you all the way.

You need all the help you can get, but if you had a choice, who are the people you want to propel you to success, with less time and minimal effort? We shortlisted them into five types; your business is probably already partnered with several of them. Complete your dream team if you want to fast-track your success.

1. The Adviser / Coach

Spare yourself from false starts and countless mistakes; learn all you can from those who’ve been there and done that. Advisers ideally have years of gleaned experience to offer – imagine all the pressure and anxiety you’ll skip with mentoring! You may already have insider knowledge and wisdom, but you can’t best good advisers when it comes to experience.

Many mentors are also well-connected in the industry, something you can tap onto as you expand your initial network.

2. The Industry Insider

Insiders are different from mentors because they exponentially boost your network. They’re well-connected and willing to refer you to the appropriate channels. An insider’s introductions are precious! You could find someone who knows someone, who knows someone important. You’ll join smaller and smaller circles as you zero in on your best contacts.

Insiders boost your reputation and influence by mere association; a good insider is like having Obama re-tweeting your tweet, exposing your handle to his millions of followers.

3. Peers

You’re on equal ground with peers, which means you have everything to gain by earning their approval. It’s true they don’t have the upscale insights advisers offer, but their network is still crucial if you really want to be part of the community. Peers share your struggles and triumphs, and there’s reward in knowing you’ve hurdled roadblocks the hard way, with colleagues.

You’ll tackle similar problems with peers, and there are plenty of opportunities to handle. Find solutions as a team, and move forward.

4. The Specialist

They keep your business (and the community) from falling apart. They’re also the grinding gears of your business. That’s a crude analogy, but specialists do ensure every piece is in its rightful place. They’re skilled in focus areas you want to press, and they’re immediately accessible in your network. If you’re outsourcing jobs, specialists can be freelancers, fresh graduates, or free agents rapidly moving between projects. Some may even be working on their own start-ups on the side.

5. The Investor

How deep are your pockets? You’ll know by the quality and quantity of your investors. Yes, you can be frugal with resources, but you also need a consistent stream of working capital if you want to succeed long-term. Investors boost your resources until you can stand on your own, and they also help get you out of tight situations. You’ll find them in unlikely places, and they’re so hard to spot, so elusive – you’ll only know when you’re introduced by the right connections.

Investors rarely (if ever) advertise their services, so the best way to meet them is to be properly introduced. You usually need a good reputation to make this happen.

There’s always a better way to jump start a business, but you’ll cut a lot of corners if you’re partnered with the right people. Ensure you’re on board with them if you want the shortest possible (and feasible) ­route to success.

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