Offshore Sourcing In Social Media Management; Building Street Cred For Your Business

Offshore Sourcing In Social Media Management; Building Street Cred For Your Business

Social media management is now a staple service in offshore sourcing. Networking tools are now available to anyone, across different lifestyles and tastes. Age demographics, preference in music, and more are considered in sharing and optimizing content. Discovering things and meeting people with same interests are examples of what you can do with media; of course there’s also the opportunity to expand your business reach.

From a business perspective, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin are useful to anyone with a marketing strategy to execute. Targeting your market will be easy and convenient because of the features these platforms offer. In some platforms, you can segregate the target market into demographics, by using hashtags, or by analyzing what videos are trending, even by researching trends in search behavior. Marketers love to use hashtgas, since these offer insight on what the market wants for the product/service.

Facebook and Twitter are always top platforms used by offshore sourcing in social media strategy. Have you considered including these platforms in your social media campaign?

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of high-quality photos, and every user is part of a connected community. This is a visual platform, where relevant and attractive pictures gain more reach; there’s even good chance for content to go viral. Having a profile with many followers is great because of the influence that comes with it. By default, a pinned picture is visible to followers; gain enough pins and engagement, and the photo can become viral. A photo of a product gone viral is a boost to the company brand, attracting traffic and unique engagements.

2. Youtube

YouTube is the definitive video platform for marketers; it’s very accessible, and a relevant post can rake in millions of views. It ranks content with algorithm similar to Google’s, so if there’s one thing viral videos have in common, it’s community appeal. Searching through YouTube is like searching in Google; keywords and keyphrases are seeds in search. With this platform, your product placement (especially if advertised) can do more than demonstrate: it can engage and convert.

3. Instagram

Instagram is yet another visual platform, with very digestible content and appeal. Users navigate content with hashtags. The tags you use can make or break a marketing campaign. For example, using #marketing, the search will show all user photos with that same hashtag. Connect with people through hashtags, connect with the community, coordinate events, push promotions; the simple hashtag is an efficient marketing strategy.

With the variety of social media platforms to choose from, you’ll have to prioritize which to use in optimizing content. Offshore sourcing services ease the process, but it is still your decision that defines what’s best for the company, what’s best for your business.

Boost Sales through Product/Service Promotion

Promotion is a crucial aspect of business, especially for small and newbie companies. Compared to giant corporations, small-scale businesses struggle more when it comes to promoting their brand. Competition is tight, and the way consumers think about purchasing products has changed – they’re more cautious and meticulous in terms of deciding which product/service is worth it and which is not.

While it is true business works in cutthroat ways, small and new businesses, however, still get the chance to attract customers and gain profit through marketing. Product and service promotion is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness and popularity of a business, which eventually results to the increase in actual sales.

Your Business, Your Brand

This process, however, is just as hard as putting up a business in the first place. Business owners can engage in various marketing campaigns, but this does not always guarantee success. What many don’t realize is that there’s more to an effective promotion than just spreading words about a company’s brand. If you want for your business to be really successful, you don’t just have to put your name in the spotlight, you have got to make it stick.

Promotion through Word-of-Mouth, on Social Media

Just like in communication, there are so many ways you can promote your business, and with unlimited access to technology, promoting your product is just as easy as clicking a button. Using social media to promote your business is probably the easiest and the cheapest way to attract people’s attention. Since everyone browses the world wide web everyday, creating accounts and pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other types of social sites would definitely reach a big portion of your target market.

Conventional Media

Advertising has grown into a giant industry, and it’s crucial in the business world. Considered as the most dominant mode of marketing, advertisements will be helpful in raising your company’s popularity, for it uses different forms of media (print and electronic). Advertisements allow your campaign to reach the specific audience, your target market. Television commercials, newspaper ads, and radio promotions can reach a wide range of audiences, in different age brackets. Utilizing these media can very much generate publicity in no time.

Outreach and Engagement Campaigns

Other types of marketing strategies such as telemarketing/telesales, networking, charity events, gift promos, and community programs are constantly being used by various companies. Tactics like run-for-a-cause marathons and social-welfare-themed programs can help build up a good image for your business. Because people love engaging in these events, companies often get the highest attention from existing and new customers, resulting to an increased sales and brand popularity.

All these strategies are proven to generate success when done correctly. It’s not enough that you just execute the campaigns; in order to truly reach your target consumers, you must be able to establish a clear connection with them. Conducting surveys through phone calls, social media, or emails will help you better understand your consumers. This strategy allows you to gather information that would be useful both for marketing purposes and in developing new features or services that would suit the needs of the customers.

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Developing Your Business: Conducting Market Research in the Virtual World

Market research is a default tool used by entrepreneurs in gathering information: current market trends, purchasing history of consumers, public and private records, and more. The data is used by corporations to stay updated in the current business wave. It also enables them to assess whether their products/services still appeal to their target market, or if they need to establish a new marketing strategy for their brand. While this approach sounds like a lot of work, companies have found a faster and more accurate method to generate feedback and results, thanks to developments in technology.

Since the advent of the internet, communication is as second nature as blinking. And with all the social networking sites surfacing and dominating online, researches and surveys can now be done with just a few clicks. The internet is this generation’s best technology, and everyone (especially entrepreneurs) are happy about it. Businesses experience convenience not only in connecting with their clients, but also in promoting brands. And with the increasing popularity of social media among millennials, it has become easier for business owners to collect data and feedback from their markets.

To further enhance your company’s market research strategy, here are some useful tips on how to generate consumer information using the internet.

Social Media

It is no secret almost everyone have various social media accounts. It is the current trend, and every human being with a smart phone and internet connection (which are both globally accessible) is hooked to it. As a corporation aiming to position your brand in the public market’s interest, utilizing social media for your company’s benefit is a smart move. Conducting polls and surveys in different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other sites can save you both money and time, as it’s free to create social media accounts and feedback generation is done in real time.

Emails & E-newsletters

Another market research method that can be done through internet is sending newsletters and surveys via email -a good way to gather information and opinions from existing customers. Engaging in an email-based interaction with clients also helps establish a personal connection; this is to your advantage, because having a healthy customer relationship increases the rate of customer retention and potentially advances sales generation.

Online Posts & Articles

Reading market-related articles posted online is also helpful in analyzing gathered data. Collecting insights from published studies can give you a head-start in concluding what would be the best step for your company. Articles written by private and government agencies are usually the most reliable sources, citing statistics essential for your own research. Also, studying what potential consumers write or comment about certain products/services gives you insight on your next product release or marketing campaign.

While almost everything can be easily found in the internet, you still have to verify information before you utilize it. Sites delivering false information has bombarded the virtual world, so it is imperative to be careful and wise in selecting what is genuine and what is not. Always refer to data you can trace to legit sources, like official sites and pages.

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How Social Media Changed Our Lives: Advantages and Disadvantages

People love to surf the web, discover new stuff and interact with other people half across the world by using social media. Before you know it, sharing, liking, commenting and posting on the internet has become a part of lives.

It was 2004 when Facebook was launched; it didn’t take that long before it overwhelmed its competitors MySpace, which was launched the previous year, and Friendster, founded in 2002. Long before these big three battled for supremacy, a lot more social media sites were born and eventually shut down or replaced due to the increasing demand of people for newer and more advanced technologies and ways to interact on the internet.

At some point in your life, did you ever stop and think how social media has changed our lives? Whenever there’s an advantage for us on new technologies, there are also disadvantages attached to it.


Privacy Policies Does Not Cover Everything
Once you make a comment or post a picture of you on the internet, it stays there long enough for other people to criticize you, make fun of you or make copies of your most embarrassing posts and scatter it to other social networking sites.

Vulnerability to Numerous Dangers
Too many social media accounts, too many security settings to oversee. Have you checked yours recently? If you cannot remember when’s the last time you did, do it now! Some people suffer from cyber theft and even bullying because they forgot to change their security settings.

The Easiest Way to Waste Precious Time!
Some people can’t help constantly checking their Twitter feeds or uploading selfies on Instagram. These are dangerous ways to waste time that should have been made for studying or working.

A New Platform for People to Boast and Quarrel
There are times when boasting your achievements or posting photos of the great vacation you had last summer is a good thing, but only to a minimal. Boast too much of everything you have and you will end up with more enemies and two-faced friends than actual friends who care. Remember, there will always be people on your friend’s list who will disfavor your personal business.


Reconnecting With Loved Ones
Social media is a great way to help you reconnect and reunite with your loved ones. Some families go their separate ways and live on different countries but still able to remain a family using the power of social networking sites. For others, they’ve reunited with their long lost sibling or parent due to a tragedy long ago or lovers who have gone separate ways but found each other again online and continued their love story.

Getting Hired
Today, a lot of employers are scanning potential candidates using social media. It is a great tool to find skilled professionals! LinkedIn might just be your next opportunity in getting your dream job, or your network of friends on Facebook and Twitter can link you with employers looking for specific skills that you have.

Professional Networking
There will be times in your career that you feel you need an upgrade or seek out a mentor for your professional growth. Social media also offers networking with organizations of like-minded people where you can satisfy your hunger for professional growth.

A Boost in Business
Social networking sites have provided businesses a new way to market their products and services, look for potential customers, and connect with other businesses with the same interests. It even helps newbie entrepreneurs find their niche and help old ones reinvent theirs.

Raise Awareness and Charity
Natural disasters happen all over the world and tragedy is inevitable, but people found a new way to reach out to others and raise more awareness and charity; the clear water projects in Kenya, the donations made for the campaign for Haiti and Japan where millions were moved, those who rushed to donate blood after the Boston Marathon bombing, and to all who helped and assisted the central Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan tore the land. A lot more people became aware and found new ways to help others in need via social media.

Hobbies Just Became Serious!
You’ll be surprised where the best baking recipes comes from, the super unique DIY crafts for gifts, the cheapest fish bait vendor in town, where your love for photography can become a profit, or how you can land the craziest gig using your guitar. You can level up your favorite past time by interacting with people of the same interest online; learn new things while helping others!