2013: The Growth of Call Center Industry in Philippines and Asia

Philippines is a “rising tiger”, this is how World Bank country director Motoo Konishi describe the growth of Philippine economy during his speech on the closing ceremonies of 2013 Philippine Development Forum in Davao City Philippines, February 5, 2013. Motoo alleged that the government has demonstrated good governance and resulting to good economic status of the country. In terms of economic stand Philippines is no longer the “sick man of Asia”, Motoo added.

Due to the economic growth of 6.6 percent from the expected 5 to 6 percent target, The Philippines is expecting to reach the peak of its economy before the end of year 2015. There will be more employment especially to skilled workers, more job opportunity in Call center in the Philippines and Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO.

Call center industry in Asia will boost up due to the high English proficiency of Asians and particularly in the Philippines. Though China and India (other Asian countries that has a blooming call center industry) has an advantage due to low cost of labor, investors still prefer the Philippines to settle offshore outsourcing companies due to the fact that Filipinos are more polite and westernized than other Asian countries. Also call center in Philippines was an established industry since we beat India roughly 3 years ago as the leading in industry of call center in Asia.

BPO industry in the country opens another field such as healthcare accounts in which nurses could land in the said job. Philippines have approximately 40,000 new nurses every year, plus the knowledge of Filipinos in English language which could help them find a job such as Health care representatives in contact center industry of the country.

Today, Philippines hosts the biggest global call center companies like Convergys, IBM, Docomo, and Hinduja. This attracts more call center in Asia and other companies to start an offshore outsourcing company in the country.