The Never Ending FAQs about Keywords!

What are keywords?
Keywords or key phrases are either a word or group of words used to search for stuff over the internet. Basically anything you type in a search box is considered as keywords or key phrases. To SEOs, or Search Engine Optimizers, keywords are used to target specific website visitors to increase web traffic and sales.

Why do I need keywords for my website or blog?
Keywords are not just for corporate websites looking to expand their brand in the World Wide Web. Keywords can also be applied to blogs and even on a wiki pages. Keywords are used to help internet users find the exact information they are looking for based on their search query, and help website owners to easily target their audience.

Are keywords still important today?
Yes. Goolge may have become very strict and serious when they launched their Google Panda and Penguin updates, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of keywords optimization. The algorithm updates of by Google, and any other search engines, are designed mainly to eliminate spam and useless content over the internet. So don’t panic.

Why should I limit the use of keywords on my website or blog?
Too much of a good thing can either be just a bad day in the office or the worst thing that can happen in your life, depends on how you over-do it. As I’ve already said earlier, keywords are meant to help internet users find the information they’re looking for, not to be used as a tool to manipulate search engine rankings.

What should I avoid when using/applying keywords to my website or blog?
Keywords can either be the key to your success or to the demise of your online presence, so you better make sure you use them properly. The best way to use keywords is by following search engines guide lines and avoid making these old and nasty black hat SEO techniques.

Should I hire a SEO specialist to do all the complicated SEO keywords stuff for my website or blog?
Well, that depends on your needs and your budget. If you really want professional help for your website or blog, you can first try on a project-based SEO package before hiring a full-time staff. But, if you already know the scope and have a well thought out plan for your website’s SEO needs, get a full-time staff leasing service from SEO experts, because SEO is a long process and a very tedious task.