Why Bother With Post-Sales Follow Up?

While continuously finding and acquiring new customers is great for business, maintaining good relationship with current customers is also crucial, ensuring repeat business and loyal customers.

Acquire New Customers, Keep Them Close

A new customer entails going through the process of introducing the business, its product and services, gaining their trust, and of course, convincing them to actually spend their hard-earned money. A repeat customer however, is already familiar with the business, knows what it offers, and has faith in the brand because they’ve already tried it for themselves. That’s why it’s important to have a good relationship with present customers, a stable base who can generate new referrals, bring in potential clients.

Post-ales follow up is vital in keeping and maintaining business-client relationships. It makes clients feel the business’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction, build rapport, and open doors for expansion.

It’s All Worth the Effort

Maintaining your customer base seems like a lot of work, but if it’s worthwhile if you consider the return on investment. Post-sales follow up is the company’s way of showing its sincerity to the customers that it cares. It’s as simple as sending them a thank you note after a purchase, calling to ask about their experience with the product or service, or taking it up a notch by offering warranties, repairs, updates on related products that they may want, and offering discounts and incentives for referrals. These build up the company’s presence to its customer base, eventually to its market. It always pays to build a stronger relationship with existing customers.

Post-sales follow up is a way for the company to ensure customer satisfaction. And with the feedback given by their clients, they’ll be able to find new ways to improve their business. In doing so, not only will they be able to cater to their existing market better, but also their target market as a whole. The little things add up, and that’s what post-sales follow up is all about.

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