Call Center Job Interview Key Points: The Written Test

The written test will determine your capabilities to handle the call center position you’re applying for. Take note that some written tests are about proper call handling, they may look easy to answer but the goal here to provide the BEST possible answer.

The most common written test in a call center job application is the Cognitive Test, a.k.a. the IQ Test. This consists of a bunch of questions that will weigh your mental process which allow you to perform basic day-today tasks.

Note: An IQ Tests is a way of determining how well your mind works in performing various tasks. It measures a person’s intelligence and determine in which category of intelligence a person belongs to. If you’ve only gone through Elementary grade, you’ll still have a chance to pass a call center job interview as long as you’re able to handle basic day-to-day tasks.

An IQ Test is generally given to any applicant; it’s not just in call center companies but in other companies as well. Passing your call center job interviews and written tests requires that your thinking should either be average or above average, anything below will not qualify you for the position you’re applying for.

Sample Questions in a General IQ Test:
1. (Analogy) What number best completes the analogy 8:4 as 10:__
– The answer is 5, because 4 is half of 8
2. (Classification) Which word does not belong? apple, marmalade, orange, cherry, grape
– The answer is marmalade, because it’s a preserve made from a fruit, a jelly-like sandwich filling.
3. (Logical) Book is to Reading as Fork is to:____________
– The answer is Eating.

A Cognitive Test in call center companies in the Philippines usually has time limits. While some companies give you one hour to complete your Cognitive Test, others will have you crunch in a 30-minute or less time limit because they want to examine how well your mind and behavior performs under pressure.

Tip: If you encounter a hard question on your Cognitive Test, skip it and move to the next one. You can always go back to that hard part after you’ve covered all the questions. Save time, answer more!

The tedious call center recruitment process where you wait in line for your next interview may wore you out and bore you tremendously, but you have to prepare yourself each time the interviewer calls your name because you’ll never know whether your next test is oral or written. Yawning in front of the interviewer is not a very enticing scene and may convey several meanings that the interviewer might find offensive.

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