Call Center Job Interview Key Points: Phone Simulation Test

The phone test that will weigh your call handling skills.

This job application test can be applied to all types of accounts in a call center. It’s upon the recruitment department if they will include it in all their open accounts. If a phone simulation test is part of the recruitment process of the call center position you’re applying for, it will be given to all applicants whether experienced or not.

Tip: While waiting in line for your phone simulation test, think of possible scenarios and questions that might be hurled at you during the simulation. Think of a good answer, two good answers if you can so you’ll have an option.

In a phone simulation, the interviewer will rate you based on your answers, the way you talk to costumers, how swiftly you answer unexpected questions and how you handle the pressure. In this test, your “uhms” and “ahhs” are also graded, so better think twice before you let an “uhm” or “ahh” slip through your lips.

Note: The “uhms” and “ahhs” are called Fillers. It’s not actually forbidden to say these words; you just have to limit the usage. Too much filler doesn’t make a good sentence, it dilutes the quality of the information you’re providing the customer, plus it’s really annoying for customers to here too much “uhms” and “ahhs.”

Sample Scenario for a Call Center Phone Simulation:
A customer calls to report a defective product he purchased, you will be told to listen to a 5 minute recorded call and provide assistance to the customer as a Customer Care Agent – The key point here is to provide the best solution to the customer, not just any solution you can think of.

Remember this one; a 2-minute call duration can’t out rank a 5-minute call duration if the customer handling done in the 5-minute call is way better than the 2-minute call. A quick turn over of calls is not always the best solution.

There are few call center companies in the Philippines that lets you listen to a 5-minute recorded call with multiple answers provided for you to choose from. All the answers are good solutions but you have to be able to select the best one to be able to qualify.

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